Remote Nondestructive Testing of Unpiggable Pipelines

since 1999
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Transkor Operation Workflow

This page describes what happens when contract with Customer is already signed and the Transkor get to work with the Customer's inspection object.

  1. Transkor gets technical description of the object and goes to the object's location with representatives of Customer to take the necessary measurements
  2. Transkor technicians submit measurements' data for processing to The Transkor Service Center
  3. Transkor Service Center preprocesses the data and come up with a few pipe excavation sites to calibrate the data
  4. Transkor technicians go with the Customer excavation crew to the appointed sites and take additional calibrating measurements and submit the latter back to the Transkor Service Center
  5. Transkor Service Center releases the Final Report about the pipeline status with recommendations on possible repair site(s)
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    Reports are color coded with three colors for metal anomalies: green, yellow and red.


    • Green means more than 55% of pipe wall thickness remains and no immediate action is recommended;
    • Yellow means that pipe wall thickness is within 20% to 55% range and planned repairs are recommended;
    • Red means that pipe wall thickness is less than 20% and immediate repairs are in order.

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