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U.S.-Russia Business Council 20th Annually Meeting

Atlanta, Georgia, 22-24 November, 2012
We showed a special interest in Oil & Gas: New Frontiers, New Approaches Section. The following items were on the agenda.
Has the Russian government's attitude toward foreign investment in this strategic area finally changed? On what terms will foreign upstream investors be welcomed? Will private Russian companies be able to compete for access to offshore resources? How can Russia best safeguard the delicate Arctic ecosystem as it increases the pace of exploration and production? Should Russia adapt to changes in the global energy market, particularly natural gas?
Thane Gustafson, Senior Director of Research, Eurasian Energy, IHS was a session moderator. And the reports of the following people were heard.
- Usman Ahmed, Vice President and Chief Reservoir Engineer, Baker 
- Ivan Grachev, Chairman, Committee on Energy, RF State Duma
- Amos Hochstein, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Energy Diplomacy, U.S. 
Department of State
- Andrei Tsyganov, Deputy Head, RF Federal Anti-Monopoly Service