Remote Nondestructive Testing of Unpiggable Pipelines

since 1999
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LLC Transkor-K

S.S. Kamaeva, Ph.D. co-founder of the Company
Limited Liability Company "Research and Development Center "Transkor-K" was founded in 2001 by a group of specialists of OAO "VNIIST", the Ministry of the Power Generating Industry of the Russian Federation, with previous long-term experience in the field of pipeline transportation.
Our Center founders and employees took immediate participation in the development of a number of standardization documents related to oil and gas industry, which regulate pipeline diagnostic study with the application of fundamentally new methods (non-contact magnetic diagnostics, corrosive abilities of the soil assessment taking into account local corrosion and bio-corrosion factors).
Our enterprise performs the following activities: designing and manufacturing of unique devices and systems for non-destructive testing of technical condition of pipeline systems and other metal structures, and also carrying out works for increasing reliability and safety with our products in the sectors of the national economy related to operation of pipelines, reservoirs, etc.
For the last 10 years the non-contact magnetometric inspection of metallic structures with our proprietary Magnetic Tomography Method has passed the large-scale industrial approbation at the facilities of many countries and territories.
V.P. Goroshevskiy, Ph.D. co-founder of the Company
I.S. Kolesnikov, co-founder of the Company
Launched commercially in 2002 the technology has to date been used to successfully survey more than 20,000km of subterranean and submerged pipelines in the Russian Federation, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Syria, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Croatia, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, UK and the USA.
The R&D Centre is an expert organization of Gosgortekhnadzor and Gosstroy (Russia) and is also accredited by the Ministry of Science and Technologies (Russian Federation) as a research organization.

By today R&D Center “Transkor-K” accomplished:

  • about 13 years of successful work in the area of pipeline systems non-destructive testing around the world.
  • highly skilled specialists attested as Industrial Safety Expertise System experts possessing certificates of competence in the area of technical control and ecological monitoring, as well as of the quality management system according to ISO, among them - 12 Philosophy Doctors and 2 Professors.
  • over 150 scientific works and 20 inventions with patents in Russia, USA, Europe, and Asia.
  • Transkor offices are open in Europe, USA, Malaysia.

R&D Center "Transkor-K" Staff