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Transkor at PETRONAS Upstream Technology Showcase 2012 (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

Malaysian National Oil and Gas Company PETRONAS Corporate Exhibition UPSTREAM TECHNOLOGY SHOWCASE was held at Kuala Lumpur СONVENTION CENTRE on June 25, 2012. PETRONAS partners from 120 countries of the world participated in it.

Transkor Representatives at the Exhibition.

Along with traditionally acclaimed participants like Schlumberger, Weatherford, ACES, and MAX Energy there was a great success story of absolute new technology for inspection of submerged pipelines AQUA MTM Technology - a joint project of PETRONAS Oil Company and Russian R&D Center "Transkor-K".
AQUA MTM Device at the Exhibition.

For the first time in the world it was demonstrated that this technology is capable of providing a new level of offshore pipeline safety for pipelines at the depths of up to 200 meters. The technology unique feature is direct measurement of absolute level of mechanical stress of pipe walls without interfering with pipeline operation and without any preparation of pipeline itself for inspection.
Joint success of PETRONAS and Transkor was celebrated by warm friendly speeches and beautiful gift of Malaysian capital panoramic picture from PETRONAS executives who visited Transkor booth at the Exhibition.

Transkor President Svetlana Kamaeva with the gift from PETRONAS executives.

It was our pleasure to get traditional attention from Head Technology Management Datin Rashidah ABD Karim and AQUA MTM curator M. Ashri B. Mustapha

Head Technology Management Datin Rashidah ABD Karim and AQUA MTM curator M. Ashri B. Mustapha at the Transkor booth.

Being partners, PETRONAS and Transkor reached world level of offshore pipeline inspections and demonstrated leading position of the AQUA MTM technology in world's pipeline inspection industry.