Remote Nondestructive Testing of Unpiggable Pipelines

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Message from the President of Transkor Group Inc.

Dr. Svetlana Kamaeva Dear friends and colleagues,

In 2011 Transkor Company had celebrated the milestone anniversary - 10 years since its foundation. We're entering the next decade of our business, and we'll continue to strengthen our company positions in the World market. But, besides our market advances, innovations are still the backbone of Transkor Company. They do form the high level of technological infrastructure that is supported by effective scientific and technological works.

We see the great potential in effective application of our own invention - Magnetic Tomography Method (MTM). We will further develop business in areas where Transkor is the market leader, but we'll also try to actualize full potential of our cutting-edge technology in other perspective fields.

One of our main goals is preservation of the environment by preventing ecological catastrophes via diagnostics of condition of global pipeline transportation hardware. We will give it our best efforts to build Transkor as powerful global corporation protecting our living environment.

Scientific and technological map of the world is ever-changing, and we will change along with it in our quest to meet the demands of the global society.

Svetlana Kamaeva, Ph.D.
President and CEO
Transkor Group Inc.

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