Remote Nondestructive Testing of Unpiggable Pipelines

since 1999
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Route-locator Poisk-A

  • Finding location and laying depth of underground service metal pipelines of large and small diameters, power and telephone cables, even if they run parallel to each other irrespective of the cathodic protection presence and on the background of interferences caused by power transmission lines, tram and trolleybus lines.
  • Fast and reliable inspection of territory before excavation works.
  • Exact determination of pipeline location to prevent damage of insulation coating during excavation works. Location of intersections of pipeline with any alive cables.
  • Finding of pipeline or cable nearby other service lines including overhead power lines.
  • «POISK-AMS» set service conditions: air temperature from -30 up to +50°C, relative humidity up to 98% at +20°C, atmospheric pressure 84-106,7 kPa.

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