Remote Nondestructive Testing of Unpiggable Pipelines

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Transkor Intellectual Property Protection Meeting

Moscow, October 10th, Federal Institute of Industrial Property.
There was a business meeting on the TRANSKOR™ intellectual property protection with a patent agent Nadya Reingand.
Modern technology of non-pigable pipeline inspection and the latest standards in this field were discussed. Risk management programs, insurance, and planing of repair works with GIS technology are urgent issues for this kind of pipelines. About 80 percent of pipelines all over the world aren't equipped for in-line inspection and for precise calculations of safety parameters (Ps, ERF, SPC, residual resource).
MTM enables registration of actual mechanical stress of underground and underwater pipelines remotely in real operating conditions which is unmeasurable by any other inspection method. It is hard to overestimate the importance of this innovation, which guarantees the reliability of oil and gas pipelines, compressed air and pumping stations, chemical production pipelines. It also enables to plan for preventive maintenance, repair works and replacements in the defective sections of pipeline. MTM guarantees POD/POI levels for defects of metals greater than 80%. In addition, MTM enables the monitoring of outer and inner corrosion assessment (ECDA/ICDA).
The invention meets the requirements of codes and standards for pipeline safety: RD 102-008-2002 (RF); ASCE, API, NACE , ASME B31, POF, INGAA Pipeline Safety Committee GRI System Integrity and System Operations Committee, DOT Technical Pipeline Safety Standards Committee, and DOT Quality Action Team.
TRANSKOR™ technology is protected by number of patents in Russia. Application for the US Patent is submitted to the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Transkor technology is unique, there are no analogs in the World. That's why interest from many companies in this innovation is not
An agreement of co-operation in commercialization of TRANSKOR™ products was signed during the meeting.