Remote Nondestructive Testing of Unpiggable Pipelines

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India 2017


March, 2017

The demonstration project on Risk Based Inspection (RBI) was successfully completed with the use of the MTM over the non-piggagle pipes of Ø 4 as part of the 6-thread corridor of the Maruti-SUZUKI (INDIA) motor-car factory.

Depth of laying of the facilities located in the area of gas turbines, reservoirs and gas steam generators under the reinforced concrete of 0.3 m thick was up to 1.6 m. The axes of all underground pipelines and cables under the reinforced concrete were additionally ascertained. Complicated conditions, including close location of outside pipes and cables under load above the inspected facilities did not prevent the MTM from detecting SDS (Stress-Deformed State) anomalies of the 2nd (26% corrosion losses of the wall thickness) and the 1st (43% corrosion losses) ranks.










Pitting up to 2.5 мм (43%) on the GT-2 Ø 4” pipe

Pitting up to 1.6 мм (26%) on the Ø 4” pipe

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