Remote Nondestructive Testing of Unpiggable Pipelines

since 1999
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Magnetic Tomography Method works with pipes of any configuration with tight turns and diameter changes
Working with the elevated pipeline with tight turns
No need for special pipeline equipment or site preparation
Works without reference points on the route and/or presence of cathodic protection of the pipe
Technology was proved to work on more than 20,000 km (12,500 miles) of pipelines worldwide
Measurements were performed in the temperature range from -40 to + 50°C.
No contact with the pipeline or change to the pipeline mode of operation required
Working with submerged pipe from the boat
In marshy and mountain areas of an underground facility cracks in welded joints revealed with high efficiency
Barge haulers in Borneo
No contact with the pipe is required or changes in operating mode of the pipeline
Where is the pavement afterall?
The MTM survey project of the main gas pipeline of the Malaysian company PETRONAS (480 km) was successfully accomplished
Live bait for crocodiles
Aqua MTM for subsea offshore pipelines coming from oil platforms
MTM Aqua works with submerged pipelines at the depths up to 200 meters (600 feet)
Underwater remote controlled unit is being prepared for underwater works
Determines features causing stress. Computes the degree of danger under pressure
Views from underwater cameras and magentic field measurement data shown
Transkor Magnetic Tomography Method (MTM) was invented by a group of Russian scientists
Scientists at work in R&D Center "Transkor-K" in Russia

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Russia - Saudi Arabia Forum

On October 5 we participated in the Russian-Saudi Investment Forum as a company that provides services for the survey of oil&gas pipelines in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia...

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Comparative Verification

In 2016 in order to evaluate the data of various methods of diagnostics of gas mains, PJSC GAZPROM conducted an МТМ survey, in-line inspection (MFL)...

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R&D Center "Transkor-K" is leader in the elaboration and application of the
Magnetic Tomography Method (MTM)

An urgent problem for the pipeline industry all over the world is to ensure the reliability of facilities that are not subject to in-line inspection, which include:

  1. Field pipelines, gas pipelines outlets
  2. Pipelines of gas compressors and pumping stations, gas-petrochemical plants, UGS
  3. Communal pipelines of housing and communal services
  4. Trunk pipelines not equipped with launchers and receivers.

MTM is designed to diagnose pipelines on the basis of remote (at a distance of up to 20 diameters from the axis of the facility) scanning of magnetic fields and indirect recording of mechanical stresses ON TECHNOLOGY


Pipeline stoppage
Operating mode change (operating pressure)
Special preparation of metal for inspection
NO Contact with pipeline metal
Installation of launchers and receivers
Cleaning the cavity and special preparation of the inner surface
Risk of in-line gages or flaw-detectors sticking

FOR THE FIRST TIME - a technical condition of pipelines estimation taking into account working local stresses in real modes of operation ON TECHNOLOGY

For the first time - remote detection of areas with anomalies of stress-deformed state due to general and local loss of stability, in areas of landslide loads, currents, free sags, seismic-active zones, weak soil carrying capacity, in laying conditions in mountainous and marshy areas ON TECHNOLOGY

Recommendations for improving reliability based on MTM data include:

1) information on the exact location of all identified anomalies of stress-deformed state (SDS);

2) parameters for the prediction of operability for all identified areas with defects:

  • period of trouble-free operation Tsafe
  • safe operating pressure Tsafe
  • index of safety pressure
  • local stresses Si, МPа